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If you have an Android mobile device, then you can use it for spying purposes. To do so, you will need Free Spy Camera Apps for Your Android.
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The app features some handy features like delete read messages, automatically delete messages after set time, integrate your Google account. The app is available for free on Google Play.

Take a photo using the phone's camera with our Spy Camera feature

Spy Camera by Trackview This app can turn your android device to a remote spy camera and can do audio and video surveillance on somebody. The app needs two devices one for recording and other for displaying the real-time data, both the devices uses internet to connect to each other. The app supports switching of front and rear camera, Google account integration, GPS tracking and remote ringing of the device. The app supports wi-fi, 3G, 4G and all other types of mobile network.

How To Make A Spy Camera Using Android Phone (3 Methods)

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V80 HD 1080P Mini Super Small Portable P2P Wireless WiFi Hidden Spy Camera , DVR8611

The concept vehicle comes with high-tech facilities including gesture This App Lets You Tweak and Customize Your Smartphone While there are a lot of methods to completely tweak and personalize an Android smartphone, there exists an app named Cometin that allows you One of the features given importance in both the Ever since then, the company has been working to The prototypes developed by the Some of the incredible features of this app include switching of rear and front cameras, remote ringing, GPS tracking, and Google account integration.

The above android spy camera app allows users to take videos and pictures of an object silently.


The Mobile Hidden Camera is the only spy camera that is compatible with all the Android versions from 1. This app is an efficient and effective combination of CamCorder and camera with features such as no shutter sound, no preview, and both front and back cameras can be used to capture pictures secretly.

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This app allows users to take pictures as well as videos in low-light environs. Typically, the app resembles standard camera application, but it can share the data to popular social networking sites using Share button. Sneaky Cam is an interesting spy camera app that allows users to appear as if they are working on something else on their Android device cameras.

The app gives users the option of choosing or fixing a background of their choice to show when the recording is on. In most cases, the backdrop image can be a music player or a browser. To start capturing images, you need to tap on any part of the screen.

The Best Secret Spy Camera Android Apps – April

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